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May 04, 2008



dude the price of gas is crippling us i think what alot of people dont realise in so called first world countries is how this effects third countries,im frm south africa and its crazy whats happening the have nots are being forced into becoming a rat race


I hear you! My DH told me yesterday that gas prices went up 35 cents per gallon here in Austin in the last month alone. He telecommutes one day per week and sometimes carpools. A new commuter-rail station is due to open near our house early next year. I can't wait!


:-) ok ok fine, but just for the record: Current gas price here: EUR 5.48 per gallon, makes $8.51 per gallon, calculated with the current fantastic exchange rate. I ride my bicycle to work every day :)


I have seriously thought about riding my bike to one of our offices that isn't far from my house.

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