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June 08, 2007



Ugh - I don't even watch the news anymore. It freaks me out too much.


I hate to tell you this. The sleepless nights don't necessarily go away when they are married with kids of their own. Especially when they travel etc. But it does get a bit less. Then you have to add their kids to your list of worries. Like when your grandson calls to tell you he is on his way to Great America. but somewhere in the conversation it comes out that the school bus doesn't have seat belts!! Add that to the list. BUt priceless that your grandson likes to call you.


Well, I have two girls--a very independent-minded student at the University of Washington in SEATTLE and a very independent-minded junior driver. In spite of our little parental talks, neither one of them really believes that anything could happen to them. I try not to obsess about it every moment. It's hard when one reads about these kinds of tragedies.

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