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March 09, 2007



Me, too!! Thank you so much. I'll pay it forward, too if and when (crossing my fingers) I ever get to a size 10 again!!!


OOOOOOhhhhh Debra! I would love to take you up on that...put me down for a pair? And then I'll pass them along when I get into a 10!!! :0)

Debra Roby

Hey, you gals wishing to become size 12. In a couple weeks I will be at my the half way point in my weight loss, and will allow myself to buy new jeans/yoga pants to last till the end. I have four fairly new pairs of size 12 Lee jeans (low rise and mid rise) that I will have to banish from my house (not giving myself permission to fit into them again).

You gals want them??


I have been to a CABI party b/f. Great stuff!! But, I hear ya on not wanting to spend $$$ on clothes until you're feeling good weight wise. I'm the same way. We'll get there!! I'm wishing to be a 12 again, too. About 10 more lbs and I'm there. YAY. WE CAN DO THIS!

Happy Weekend my friend.

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