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February 04, 2007



What a beautiful baby! My, time flies fast.


Look at Payton! He's almost the same age as Taylor there. They really do look a lot alike I never really noticed it before. Crazy how fast they grow. I now can completely understand what you mean by your heart walking outside your body, wonderfully written.


Payton was the CUTEST little baby!! I'm sure he's an equally handsome 16 yr. old. I have a newborn and **wow** do I know what you mean about finding your soul. SO well put! I'm glad you had a nice day remembering your loved one that passed and celebrating your boy's birthday.

AND....thank you for the donation! Really made my day. I appreciate it!!


Happy Birthday to your Payton! I know exactly how you feel. My "baby" just turned 17 on Feb. 2nd. This is a beautifully written post.

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