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November 14, 2006


Mrs. Chicken

Brown butter and sage works wonderfully with any kind of pumpkin/squash ravioli. Sigh. If only my husband would eat it.

If this is a weekly post, I am defintely coming back! (found you on the randomizer)


You are all too kind! When you find a cookbook that actually works for you, it is an amazing thing. We will be tweaking the new recipes here and there, but so far we've added some new and easy things to our regular menu.

The butter nut squash raviolis will probably make an appearance after Thanksgiving sometime.


Very light cream sauce with a pinch of thyme--fresh if you have it. yum! which night is this? ;)


man, this makes me hungry Kris! For the butternut squash ravioli, i know that at some of the restaurants I've been to they toss it with a cream sauce of sorts. I'll try to figure it out and let you know.


...and Margaret will wash all of that down with her beloved brew Hefenweisen.

Dang, woman, you are creative. Cuisine at Chez State of Grace is the same old salad/veg/starchiness/protein. No frills, no thrills.

Kris's Kitchen rulz!


OK, you've really done it now. I will be over EVERY SINGLE NIGHT for dinner. My stomach is growling.

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