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November 16, 2004



west coast customs rocks


this is so funny. I am on vacation with the kids--my daughter, my stepson, my daughter's best friend and her brother--and I am waiting for the kids to wake up so I am trolling through the typepad recently updated list and find you, who are a neighbor (we live up the road and I grew up in Los Altos Hills). And then Allison REALLY wants her ride pimped--it is a 1991 Mazda minivan, which I bought 2 years ago with about 80,000 on it, cause I needed a 7-seatbelt vehicle pretty regularly. So anyway, if in the future you see a graffiti'd Mazda MPV you will know to say, "Oh look, there go Liz & Al"

Greetings--I'm enjoying your company

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