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March 24, 2008


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Hey Kris: Thanks for visiting my blog! Yeah, we're having a "wake up" employment moment at our house too.

Your post points out a very interesting problem with technology: we have yet to realize that it isn't magic and won't do quite ALL of our work for us (as in: you still have to UPDATE the information on sites such as LinkedIn, otherwise it is actually WORSE than posting no information at all.) I develop websites for (part of) my living, and this is a perennial problem... people may be willing to do the work and shell out the money to get a website up and running, but don't realize that the harder work is actually keeping it up to date. And there just are few things worse than a website that is still headlining a November 2006 "upcoming" event. I mean, EGADS! What does that say about your organization?

Yep, Technology is great -- except when it isn't.


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