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Some things you should know about me (for starters):

1-I have 2 kids (both boys)
2-I am married to the love of my life
3-I have a chihuahua named Ronaldo
4-The words "hate," "stupid," and "shut-up" are not allowed in my house.
5-My heros are (in no particular order) my Grandfather, my Husband, Maya Angelou, Ghandi
6-My favorite color is purple (and my favorite book of all time is "The Color Purple!)
7-My favorite vegitable is cheesecake
8-My favorite cocktail is a Long Island Iced Tea
9-I'm afraid of spiders
10-I can't stand it when people are mean to each other.
11-I'm trapped in a white woman's body


Social justice, travel, writing, reading, movies, art