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September 27, 2008



Your tribute to Paul was fantastic. You have a great way with words. He was amazing. A role model for every man in this world.


He was a beautiful person inside and out. How blessed you are to have known him personally! I didn't know he was sick with cancer and only found out when he died, which was very shocking. At the grocery store that day, I passed by his spaghetti sauce and had to buy some. It was kind of a pathetic gesture, but it was just a way of telling him that I appreciate him and the legacy he left behind.


I cried about this. I know he had been sick with cancer, but still wasn't expecting his death. I can count the actors I admire on one hand, and Paul was at the top of my list. A classy, private, giving person who was utterly sexy well into his 70s. He lived his life with grace and honor.

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