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July 21, 2008



I am a random stranger from blogville, wishing you the very best. I am currently estranged from my sister and can't eat either. Not much. It's hard to do so when your stomach is churning.
Not that this estrangement is anywhere near the same as what's going on with you and "the wait" you are experiencing.
It's hard to "shut it off" and go to sleep. I'm SO glad that you can.
I hope (a whole lot) that you find some kind of closure, either with a new relationship or a conversation that answers your questions. Whatever it is, I pray it's coming soon.
Peace to you.


I envy you and at the same time can understand the nervous knot that your stomach must be in. I am 38 and do not know my biological father. My Dad has been in my life since I was 2 and I wouldn't trade him for the world, but there is always that nagging wonder in the back of my head. Always questions that I would like to have answered only for my own sense of peace.

I would never be able to reach out as you have done. I have too many issues with him. I honestly, could not phathom having a relationship with him. That makes me sad at times, but I cannot forgive him, after all of this time, for leaving me when I was a baby.

Good luck on your journey.


You know I'm wishing nothing but the best for you. I've been there, searching and finding both of my biological parents. It's a wonderful journey filled with so much self-discovery along the way. Enjoy the process, you're friends will be praying for the best outcome.


I am so impressed that you called or at least attempted to reach him on the phone. That would scare me way more than a letter; I would want to throw up with nerves. You know that we are ALL on pins and needles with you in this and hoping for the best--solidarity, girlfriend.
P.S. I don't know if I've ever mentioned this, but my husband's dad disappeared from his life when he was about 5. He says he doesn't remember him at all, nor does it bother him--but some of the songs he likes have interesting lyrics about fathers.(My Old Man by John Denver is one) I think he has some unresolved issues about it, although I could never get him to admit it. And his dad would definitely be long dead since he would be about 97 years old. So that makes me even more sympathetic to your quest, since I have always been curious about my husband's father.

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