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October 26, 2007



Yes, but in a large part of Europe there's reasonable public transportation--even from city to city. You can manage to live your entire life without a license. There's nothing like that here in the states--unless you're in two or three major cities. If you want to get somewhere in a timely manner, you fly. End of story.

Riding the train to go 400 miles in the states? That will take you two days.

I feel bad for California, but at least wages are higher there (yes, I know everything else is higher, too). Here in Utah, our gas is just about $3, but the salaries are abysmal.


I'd say you guys have nothing to complain about in comparison to Europe. In the US, the average yearly salaries are 25% higher than in Germany (taken from the Sueddeutsche Zeitung, Oct 27/28) and guess how much gas is here: EUR 1.40 per litre, which equals $7.40 a gallon. Now, does this make you feel better?


We have $3 gas here in Western WA too--and one driver. Our college daughter takes the bus, but still, that isn't always practical.

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