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October 06, 2007



I just started reading this after friends and family were recommending it.


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I read this book on my cruise last summer. Actually, I devoured it. then came home and read it immediately again. More slowly, cherishing it.

This book came into my life at a point when I needed to read it, having myself spent way too many nights crying on the bathroom floor. Her sense of adventure and joy was a gift.


I bought this book at Costco in a what-the-heck mood. Elizabeth Gilbert's writing is fluid and fun, not unlike blog writing. It actually reads like a travel and personal blog with all the confessions, angst, non sequitors, thoughts that bled into the next "bead"/chapter and an incredible number of free form paragraphs. The amount of parenthetical notes alone blew my mind. The editors must have been chomping at the bit.

I'm enjoying it, don't get me wrong. And, I find the acceptance of such a voice encouraging. Perhaps we'll see Heather Armstrong/dooce, Eden Marriot Kennedy/Fussy and Alice Bradley/finslippy published in due time. Their storytelling is just as compelling, witty and wise.


YUMMY. I love true Italian food; it was the culinary highlight of Europe.

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