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August 17, 2007



I LOVE what Grace said. I want to say ditto.

Hang in love.

That's not easy and it's hard not to be sad in front of them. Just be present. Take his his favorite foods and listen to his stories. AND Breathe!!


He sounds like a character! It's hard to know exactly what to do, except to be there with him as much as you can.


Dearest Kris,

What do you do?

Remain present.
Honor each minute you're with him.
If it's too hard, leave the room. It's okay.
Cry your eyes out. That's okay, too.
Tell your grampa that he can go, he deserves a rest, he can move on and the rest of you will catch up.

Fucking eat something. And hydrate.

Let Dan take care of the boys.

Toast your grandpa's life.


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