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June 18, 2007



I didn't read the Kite Runner and thought about this second book and wondered about it. Thanks for writing about it. I think I might pick it up. Right now I'm reading Bill Richardson's biography. Since I'm now living in New Mexico, thought I should know more about the gov-presidential candidate.


if you want to learn more about the women go to www.rawa.org

that might help some. There's actually a book on their struggle I have it somewhere I can tell you the title


I've been looking for another book to sink my teeth into this summer. Thanks for the tip... I loved the Kite Runner.



A close relative of mine spent many years in Afghanistan on behalf of the US State Department, most notably in the 80's when the Soviets occupied Afghanistan and the US was busy helping the Taliban birth itself. He told me then, and the same is true now, that the Soviets should have known better than to try to occupy this country. The terrain is fierce, it is an amalgamation of tribes who speak different languages and dialects, live in extraordinarily remote areas, and the nature of the nomad does not lend itself to occupation.

Had the Bush administration bothered to actually read the intelligence that came out of his time and others' time spent there during that era, they might have made a more informed decision about the wisdom of dropping troops in there to do a job that can't be done.

I have had the privilege of meeting some of the Afghans who my relative helped flee the country back then -- they are peaceful, loving people whose lives center around their families.

What Bush is doing to Afghanistan in the name of 'righteousness' is appalling and sick.

Aren't you glad you didn't ask me how I really feel? :)

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