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May 14, 2007



Do you have ideas which worth millions but you lack the necessary capital to put your idea to test?


OMG!! I am going through the SAME exact thing!! What's funny is, as ateen I didn't care much about how fat I was. But after 2 kids..FORGET IT!! I am determined to finally look and dress waaaaay cuter! I weighed myself today thinking I was 200 or so and it said 195!!! I could NOT believe it! The last timt (I think) I saw that number, I had to be, like 10 years old.

Come check out my blog, if you'd like where I go into further detail about being a "Yummy Mummy" b/c I'm still in the age range for 2 more years.


Any way, keep it up!! You'll do it!


Congrats on the weight loss! I am taking these vitamins that have REALLY helped my sleep and energy level. They cost a bit but I found that they are really worth it. Check out Reliv.com. I take the Now (which is the main vitamin) a energy mix and fiber one. They instantly helped me - no more coffee in the afternoon and that 3 O'Clock melt down is gone. My sleep has also inproved and my MANY aches and pains are a bit better - still there but better

If you want to try them let me know and I will give you Trina's number as she is selling them (that is Kelly's widow) She started taking them because of the night sweats and they helped her : )

Mrs. Chicken

Wow! That is no small accomplishment. I have about 15 to go, having lost 10. I lost steam, but this post motivated me to get moving again!


That's terrific! I could weigh lots less if I would just give up my beer. But some days, it is the only treat I get. SOY works wonders for menopause symptoms. I take a soy/calcium supplement every day.


Way to go. You're an inspiration.


20 lbs????? NICE!! Wine and pizza are the first diet killers I reach for, too. Celebrate a little bit...you deserve it!


Wow! Congrats Kris! That's a huge accomplishment :)

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