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March 12, 2007



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Great loss - well done. Sounds like it is all go at your house just now. My husband got a blackberry, he hated it at first (he had no choice, it came with his job), now he loves it.


What is a blackberry? I need to get a new cell phone, and have no clue what's even out there. Mine is over 2 years old, and doesn't want to hold a charge. YAY on the weight! I'll be sending good thoughts your way for Darren. I know it must be stressful to wait.


Hey Chika - you're doing great! I know it takes lots of effort and not so fun choices sometimes (like I really want a glass of wine tonight!mmm but then that a lot of calories!)...Just think about items that weigh about 3.6 lbs... that is about the weight of my NOTEBOOK computer... wow! You're aweseome!!!!




And congrats on your son's honors spanish that's a huge deal :)


I feel silly saying "You go, girl!" - but here it is anyway. You're off to a great start!


You got a blackberry??? oooooooooooooh.....I'm jealous!! I'm hoping to get a blackberry when my upgrade comes around!!! How fun. New toys rock!!

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