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March 02, 2007



I came across your blog while searching for "ADHD mom blogs." What a touching post. I too have an ADHD son. He is 10 years old. I have so enjoyed reading lots of your posts. I have bookmarked you and will return often. I invite you to stop by my blog at www.adhdguide.blogspot.com and let me know what you think. Take care and hang in there! :)

P.S. - I also have a personal blog at www.shaneshares.blogspot.com, you're welcome to stop by there as well.


My 11 yr old son has ADHD. We have had some really hard choices to make about his schooling and dealing with his attitude. It helps out more than words can say when he has a teacher that really gets him. He has had teachers in the past that I have wanted to shake till their teeth rattled. Your letter is amazing and I am sure that your son would love to read it.


And when your boy is all grown and long past his young teenage years, when he has the world mostly figured out and when he himself can look back on those middle and early high school years, you both can sit down over a cup of coffee or glass of wine, smile at each other and know you did it...together.

Your boy will most likely be fine in great part due to the abundance of love and terrific, connected parenting he is getting. My boy is now 32 and it wasn't easy with him so I well know what you are experiencing, but we now can share that glass of wine and the smiles and we know we came through it.


Haney Armstrong

Beautiful is the right word.


You can definitely fall apart in the blogosphere. We're here to listen, pick you up and dust you off.... whatever you need. Hang in there, darlin.



Bridge over troubled waters is a perfect song; I have always loved it. Kris, parenting is just HARD, but so rewarding. Our older girl is almost 21, and has made some bad decisions along the way(her first choice of college for example) but she knows we are always in her corner. You are there for your son, and he knows it. You all just have to get through the teenage crap. It is very stressful. Sometimes it truly has to be just one day at a time.


At nights, when I snuggle with my 8 year old and he whispers, "I love you so much, Mommy" it makes me want to cry. I know I only have so much time with him before he learns his independence, his attitude, his own self.

I've asked him to promise me that he'll always snuggle like this with me or that he'll always know how much I love him. He tells me, "I promise Mommy. I'll never stop loving you."

As much as he drives me nuts sometimes, he is my driving force. He is the one who was there when no one else was, the one who taught me what strength means.

Great, now I'm crying. We moms do that to each other, huh?

I'm with you on this one.


Wish I could offer some words of advise to ease your burdened heart right now, just don't know what it would be. Parenthood is tough as you know. Your not alone in your struggle if that helps at all. It never worked for me but I'll say it anyway.
Hang in there!


Echoing the most important part of your advice to your son:

Dude. Just. Get. Through. 8th. Grade.

I promise, just like your mom does, that if you can do that, you'll be on a road to a much better and happier experience.

8th grade sucks. Sucks big. The only light at the end of that tunnel is how much 9th-12th doesn't suck.

Fight through the ADHD and whatever else is going on, because what seems horribly insurmountable today will be in the past with a much better picture ahead in the blink of an eye.

and to Mom...

What a beautiful letter to your son. Every time I think about mine leaving to go away to college next year my breath catches, because for nearly 18 years he's been the fiber of my soul, the fire in the day, and the laugh that echoes even after he's left the room. It's hard to imagine him not being here.

From one mom to another, I just wanted to say that your advice and heart for your son is spot-on. I know you'll make whatever sacrifices you need to for him, and I know it will get better for him. I honestly didn't think we'd make it through 8th grade either, and here we are nearly done with 12th.

Hugs to all of you, Karoli

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