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February 05, 2007



SnowFlower and the Secret Fan by Lisa See is very good and I just finished it and wrote about it.

I've always had a book club until I moved to NYC. A group at a church we've visited (but not yet joined) is reading Elie Wiesal's Night so I picked it up tonight. Margaret Atwood spoke today.

I am such an avid bibliophile that living here in NYC without a bookshelf is a GREAT deprivation.


I just finished elephants... you'll have to let me know what you think.


Did you ever see the episode of Malcolm in the Middle where Lois joins a book club... which turns out to be merely an excuse for all the moms in the neighborhood to get together and drink? I can't help thinking of that when I think of BC's... and I'm envious that you're getting to do so much book reading! (A luxury in my household, I'm afraid.) I'd join a BC too -- except I have a feeling I'd be the one to turn it into the kind of club Lois belonged to.


A friend of mine highly recommended Water for Elephants, so I put it on my library holds list. Have you ever read The Time Travelers Wife? That one was a huge departure for me, and I loved it. I was also riveted by Devil in the White City. Fascinating. I normally read mysteries, so if I recommend something out of that genre, it has to be great. (in my humble opinion)


Wow, your post mentions so many great books, many of them my favorites. Like you, I've read Anne Frank's Diary multiple times. I'm truly amazed that a school, let alone an all-boys school, would assign "The Joy Luck Club". I think it's great. I have fond memories of reading that book when it first came out. It has a lot to say about parent-child relationships and generational differences.

"A Thousand Acres" is a wonderful book and will give your group a lot to talk about. The King Lear theme is definitely there and makes for another interesting layer to discuss.

I would highly recommend "The Tender Bar" to your group. It was one of the best books that I read last year--a great story with beautiful writing. I find memoirs can be tricky for book group discussion, but I think this one would lend itself very well. (You can read
my review of "The Tender Bar" here.)

And your comment about the perfect book for the dead of winter got me thinking...for me winter is always a time to catch up on a big, thick classic. I have "The Forsyte Saga" and "Man in the Iron Mask" sitting patiently waiting on my bookshelf. (Right now I'm tackling David McCullough's "John Adams".) I'm curious to know your idea of a good winter read?


To this day, if I mention the Joy Luck Club in the presence of my son he starts frothing at the mouth. He HATED it as much as I loved it. His description: "It's a chick book, through and through." He was completely offended that he was made to read it. And as I told him, no more offended than I at having to read The Most Hated Book of my whole life -- The Last of the Mohicans. :)

I loved A Thousand Acres. Not sure I get the King Lear analogy, but I thought it was a great book. :)

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