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February 23, 2007



Congrats on the weight loss! I had my third child 5 months ago and am beginning to work out for the first time in literally years. But I'm realizing, as you are, that I am worth the investment of exercising, looking nice when I may not even leave the house, and just taking time to enjoy a long shower! I've also decided to re-establish order in the house. Thankfully the company I work for has a great free resource to help think through how to organize kids' rooms. (Check it out at www.organizingmyhome.com.)


Congrats on the weight loss! That's a huge accomplishment!


Congrats on the loss and for having such a great day! I'm waiting for a great day like that...lol!


That is great! I read, and run to keep my energy up and positive. I am certainly hoping not to look 50. (I hate that number!)


Yes, attitude is everything and you looked fantastic today! Keep it up!


Man you are doing so well with your weight loss!

Way to go!

An inspiration for me to get my @ss to the gym.

Mama Maven

A soak in the bath tub with some yummy smelling stuff and a good book after a workout, bliss.

Congrats on your continuing weight loss and that people are noticing your new attitude!

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