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January 29, 2007


Women Jeans

LMAO At the Picture you are pointing out ;P :D!


LOL! The funny part is that high rise pants(even jeans) are now back in style. The new mom jeans are midrise bootcut jeans. I suggest that straight or skinny fit jeans will make the most of the figure, and make the legs look longer. Use the 80's for inspiration, and don't be afraid of the new!

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I like this jeans. Moms are so sexy wearing them.

French Dressing Jeans Seller

We sell a *ton* of FDJ French Dressing Jeans from our store in Granville, Ohio (The James Store) to women in their 40's - 60's. One of the main reasons they do-- according to our customers-- is that they don't look like Mom Jeans. FDJ has 6-7 different fits for all body types.

We sell online as well, and often customers will purchase 3-4 pair in a single order. It's crazy.

I put together a little web page dedicated to how to fit FDJ Jeans-- as well as pages to highlight each individual fit (e.g. French Dressing's Olivia.

Hope this is useful-- wasn't sure if the readers were familiar with this brand. You can visit their site (Montreal, Canada) at www.fdj.ca.


Couldn't agree with you more! My sister who never wore Mom jeans and I who was a serious violator finally moved our Mother out of Mom jeans and she'd been wearing them a long, long time. She looks so much better and is now a believer!


Good going on the "more fashionable" jeans!


Like Margaret, I have a problem buying jeans that fit, look flattering and are comfortable. I'm a bit of a stretch fabric queen these days because of the comfort thing and because of weight fluctuations.


You inspire me Kris- I'm trying to shed some extra pounds myself now - it's getting harder and harder to get those lbs down.

Oh yeah - I'm not even a mom and I had some of those jeans... off to Good Will they went. If you want some great fashion advice and where I first heard of the MOM JEAN ... go see William Sledd's Ask A Gay Man - on You Tube - he is the bomb:

Denim Edition

OR try:
William Sledd Home



I am guilty of the mom jeans because they are all I can find that fit me. And I refuse to wear really low ones which seem to be all I can see in the non-mom jean category. Where do you find the in-between ones? I do have several lower rise capris, and dress pants--but jeans are always a problem for me.

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