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December 28, 2006



Happy Holidays from Germany! You know, it's so interesting: after having been back here in good old Germany for a week, I've already gotten a bit back into the 'German groove' and reading your blog post is a classic example of how different small things are:
- I cannot imagine a German talking about "Getting things done" processes. Instead, they would probably whine a bit of how much is ahead of them ;-)
- People "pushing 40" ;-) surly haven't heard a whole lot about podcasts
- Hosting holiday and New Year's bashes? Some crazy California-German first has to return from SF to mix up the status quo: I'm having my birthday bash tonight and even asked friends to bring other friends (that I don't know) ... extreeeemely unusual!

But there are other things that are great:
- no to do lists
- lengthy coffee breaks
- people who ask 'How are you?' because they really want to know how you are, etc ... :-)

Have a great one! Keep writing!
Hugs from Augsburg!

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