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November 30, 2006



I get light headed every time I give blood, so I've given up. I am sometimes pretty close to the minimum weight; that might be part of it. I fainted both times after trying to get up to go to the bathroom after childbirth. (blood loss) I think I just need all my blood. The sad part is that I really like to do so, and have no problem at all with needles and such.


The only time I ever gave blood I sat there forever after I was done waiting to make sure I was ok. I felt fine, so I got in my car and started driving. Everything went fuzzy and I felt very very sick. Luckily I pulled over and called my husband to come pick me up. I can't give blood now because I have to be 10 years cancer free first, but I'm not sure I will even then because of the horrible experience!

I'm glad everythign turned out ok for you!


Hi friend! Let's have lunch again after the holidays.

If you were a bit dehydrated before the blood donation and also had lowish blood sugar, syncope (fainting) is more likely to occur.

The teeny veins thing though--you are right, giving blood is important.


Oh...Yeah, I've had that experience. In fact the last time I gave blood.

Make sure you drink enough fluids over the next couple days... and hope you feel better.

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