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October 11, 2006



A variation on this game is the "Fortune Cookie" .... in Bed.

You read off the fortune, wait a beat, and add, "in bed".

This is not of course appropriate for the underaged.


Hey Kris,

If you're serious about those CD's then please email me a land address. Thanks!

-Squid Rosenberg


Here's some from our *80's youth:

The Breakf"ass" Club or The Breakfast Ass
Assloose (Footloose)
When Harry Met Ass
Top Ass (or Ass Gun both are funny)
The Assing (the Shining)
Superass (Superman)
Cadyass (Cadyshack)
Coal Miner's Ass (Daughter)
The Ass (Jazz) Singer
Mad Ass (Max)

Oh I could go on -and but I'd better stop now!


Very cute, but I don't know many movies. I haven't been to one for a LONG time. Chronicles of Ass?

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