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May 23, 2006


H.A. Page

Well, the years with diapers and naps are the Boot Camp years and teenagers are just Boot Camp Phase II. Heaven is inbeween.
WEll... actually, all of the years are good but the teenage years... my oldest just reminded me she is not a teenager anymore. How did time fly that fast?

Kristie Wells

Funny, I grew up in the the exact opposite household - my dad with four women. The only saving grace for my dad was all the boyfriends we brought around. He may not have loved all of them, but he dealt as at least there was some more testosterone in the house. :)

Embrace the pink and get yourself a female puppy.


Damn right, dude!

You should be playing Lilith Faire music 24/7, while you're at it!


Our yearbooks don't come out for several weeks. It is always interesting to see all the students from the beginning of the year photos.They change a lot. Even my own sophomore is now a brunette, but was blondish at the beginning of the year.

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