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May 18, 2005



For my girl there's an episode of pushing me away, then pulling close again, around & around.

Lately it has been a pulling close. I remember when she was a baby and I could kiss & cuddle to my heart's content. Liked it.


Hell, he's still your baby. Both your guys, big puppy baby boys who adore you, who want you to tuck them in. You are the supreme mother of sons, Kris.


ah fisrt time shaving if thats not growing up i dont know what is ...well ok i can think of some other things, thanks for the comment anyway the dragonfly moment really was amazing


Aww... that makes me sad! I don't want little Turtle to get older and lose that smooth baby face.

Why do they have to grow up?


Wow. Shaving. Weird.

Is the Kite Runner really a totally heavy book? I keep hearing good things and then how it is SO SAD. What say you?


I hate that both my girls are now women and have passed that magic milestone. Now we can all be hormonal and bitchy together!

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