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April 10, 2005



Ha ha ha... too funny! Sounds like something I would do.
Good thing you had that bloody mary to drink.


Kris sweetie, I'm laughing so hard (w/you) right now I've got tears running down my face! I'm glad I'm gong to have good company in Hell!

You are not alone in the Universe in starting - ah a little early! Some of us just need to do some err "sampling" to check the level of food quality that the Lord has a provided. We can therefore ensure we are thanking the Lord our saviour properly (she says in her syrupy sweet southern drawl) Amen girl.


That's hysterical. And something that I would totally do as well.

Grace? huh? What's that?

Nothin' but us pagans at this table.


I hate that feeling of having made a faux pas, but yes, it does make for an interesting post! (I have done the same thing as you, but not on such a grand scale)


Kris, please see me immediately for Catholic Lessons. When to genuflect, kissing the bishop's ring, proper dipping into the holy water font at the front of the church...oh, there's so much you need to know.

But yes, I heartily agree that our everyday fuckups are great blog fodder.

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