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April 21, 2005



My boys and I loved Sandlot. It's a safe movie to show to their friends who spend the night. We loved the swimming pool scene..and my oldest is always on the lookout for a beautiful lifeguard!


AHX was an excellent, albeit *very* difficult/disturbing film to watch...I agree that Edward Norton is yummy!


AHX nearly made me throw up the first time I watched it but the power of that movie made me watch it over and over. I know I couldn't have handled it at 14. Very good movie.

Hook is one of my all time favs. Actually, it is a whole family favorite.

I'll have to check out the others. I haven't seen the Color Purple since I was much younger and I don't think I "got" it.


Great list, doll.

Hook! With a minaturized Julia Roberts as Tinkerbell! How I wish she could have stayed shrunk. And no, I don't care how great she was in Closer or Erin Brokovich, I still think she looks like a trout.


I like the eclectic nature of your list. Something for everyone. I agree with your thoughts on "American History X" and "The Color Purple" and recall enjoying "The Sandlot." "Hook" I wasn't such a fan of, but your comments get to the heart of how a movie can touch people in radically different ways, based on their life experience.

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