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January 22, 2005



Remember a few years ago when Tinky Winky was outed? The wingnuts are crazy. What a narrow definition of humanity!


I'm 100% with you on this one. I adore Spongebob. It's one of the few cartoons out there that is truly geared toward children that I can watch...nay, LOVE to watch with Sydney. Like the other absurdity that has come up through Sydney's short TV watching career (the gay purple Teletubby scandal) I neither believe it to be true nor care one little bit if it is.

But then, I'm the evil mother that let her daughter watch Seabiscuit the other night without checking the rating first and subjected her to a single utterance of the sh*t word. Bad Mommy!!


Viva Le SpongeBob! I love him!!
If he keeps on eating Crabby Patties though, he'll turn into Spongecake Stretchpants (i stole that joke, but it was relevant).

Thank you so much for your comment over on Daxohol. It really means alot to me ;-D thank you so much *blog hugs*

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