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December 08, 2004



Indeed, I would...and I have (done the E. Slide infront of many co-workers)!


Oh, my GOD Faith, you are hysterical! Kris, however, is more brazen than you and I and she would do the Electric Slide in front of the whole company.


Congrats on the new job!! (WHATEVER you do, don't bring your own coffee pot.) It's too bad your voice picked this time to go out on you...but isn't that always the way it is? And yes, I think duct tape is a perfectly acceptable solution, especially if you use some of those cool designer colors they have.


Ma'am, back away from the couch, the box of See's candies and the TV remote and no, you may not finish up the rest of Judge Judy. It's off to your new job now. And with a French manicure (ooo-la-la!), new clothes (ooo-la-oui!) and no voice ( ).

Will email you later. In the meantime, listen up internets, this Kris, she be Girlfriend #1.

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