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November 16, 2004



You're going to think I'm a monster FREAK, but I love popping zits. Especially those really deep, hard to reach kind. Yes, I know I'm weird. I'm seeking professional help for it, really I am.

I've also been known to peel people, you know, after a trip to the beach after the sunburn goes away? So cool!

I really sound like a psycho loser. I think because it's late and I'm tired. How's that for a TERRIBLE first time comment on your blog?


Yippee! Blogging and drinking! Then all of a sudden you're waxing lyrically about acne. You're such a good Mama, Kris. Molly won't let me near her 'big monster' ones. However, she and her girlfriends pop each others' zits. I don't think that's an activity with the guys. And this plays into your accurate observation, 'women like to share experiences.'

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