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November 29, 2004



People of the Internet - this Mom on a Mission blogger, this Kris woman, she is bad news, a traitor, a turncoat! She is leaving us, her sad peeps, at the mighty biotech start-up, selfishly thinking only of herself, moving on to greener pastures and more money. Bah! Wah! Poo!

Kris, nice post and everything, but I just had to disclose and release my abandoment issues. It was a pleasure working with you but I will be stalking you right here, Missy.



What a cool, totally rockin' mom! It just goes to show, it doesn't matter what your traditions are, what matters is that you build them together. Who knows, you guys may turn this into a road tripping tradition that has you chasing metal bands around the country on the day after Thanksgiving every year. How cool is that??

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